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How I Built Myself around Technology by Nuwini Chamindi

Ms Nuwini Chamindi Nov. 2, 2020, 11:43 a.m.

I was very small at the time, that I wanted to know about how actually things happen with technology. With that curiosity, since my childhood, I learned Information Technology which supported me a lot with my heaps of questions in my school. I got into the basics of Computer Science during my school days where I followed Information and Communication Technology as a subject for my examinations. I think step by step I learned small things about Computer Science which have become widely used today.

 There, I started programming by learning basic algorithms and programming concepts which are the foundation of programming.

Not only programming, I had the opportunity of learning the basics of computer hardware, software, networking fields as well. I had an enthusiasm towards exploring more into Computer Science which led me to start my university life with Information Systems stream losing the opportunity of following the Computer Science degree because I couldn’t get the required score. Not regretting with the failure, I made my passion towards both IT and business which made a perfect combination for myself.

Technology is dynamic. Day by day something new is adding to the current technologies. As a person who lived with the technology for several years, I couldn’t stop my the desire for this agility in technology since I learned something new in each hour with the growing technology community around myself. Currently, every business is involved with the technology to gain competitive advantage and me personally like to apply evolving technologies to projects that I contribute and see how they succeed comparatively being in IT project management field for more than two years now.

One of the most inspiring features of the technology which motivates me to pursue a career in technology is that it is interesting to see that how technological careers overlap with the different industries like engineering, law, transportation and medicine. There are a lot of opportunities in any sector if you have the right set of skills. This lets us expand our knowledge areas while engaging in the things we like most with the technology.

As technology evolves, I’m trying to build up my career path also by climbing up the ladder as a courageous woman. The agility in technology can be brought to the careers as well since the career paths in technology are very open and flexible if we have the common sense with few important skills that will be useful in the career. Each and every day new opportunities are built in every company and I always wanted to take the challenge of trying out every opportunity whether I fail or succeed because I’m a person who never give up on anything.

My proudest technical achievement as a girl was that my team got selected as a National Finalist for the Microsoft Imagine Cup Sri Lanka 2016, Student Technology Competition under the Innovation category. We had four members in our team and I was onboarded to the team since rest of the three boys were looking for a girl who can do the presentations while they were engaged with the development work. Since it was my second year at university, I was not that techy person which I found as a roadblock.

In order to overcome the technical knowledge barrier, I spent time with the team looking at how they do the Arduino programming and I challenged myself to learn what they were doing by myself. I got small tasks from them so that I can also be a part of the development since presentations are happening only during the competition rounds. At the end roadblocks were not there anymore and the hard work finally paid off brining us to the national finals.

As women, we all have challenges. It is our strength to rise from the rest of the women and face challenges while considering those challenges as inspirations for our lives. Being a woman doesn’t define that we have to do household work. Computer Science or technical fields are not male dominant. Why can’t women engage in those activities? In my opinion, sometimes the mistake is in our side, since we are not ready to move with the technology being afraid that we will be failed.

It should be our ability to face those challenges and coordinate both household work as well as technical work with the use of revolutionizing technology. I was involved in ample projects organized by different entities and my common objective of these kinds of projects was to prepare the young female technical generation to climb up the ladder in their path facing challenges as a woman. In my experience, usually females are not motivated to participate for coding challenges since they think that they are not capable enough to face those alone.

Therefore, I always wanted to explain them how to work as a woman balancing both the life and work without neglecting opportunities that are available for female community. There were sessions which I conducted which I thought were failures due to less number of participants, but I motivated myself to continue with the good social work I’m doing on behalf of women technologists at least hoping there will be an increase in the number of participants for future sessions.

I had sudden failures like this when starting out new things and those are the lessons to life to be more motivated. In my opinion after all these sessions and events, the final impact for the female community that I wanted to pass was the hope that they will engage more in computer science practical scenarios using the opportunities that are available for them. It is very needed that we create a change in the gender differentiation in the fields of computing and engineering and now I see some improvement in females breaking barriers.

I participated for different kinds of programs organized by local communities to empower women into more technological fields and there I found that being a woman never breaks the enthusiasm towards achieving future goals. Now I have understood that I really love being in this field as a woman so that I can talk about myself proudly, how I became a super powered technical woman who can change the world to do better for humanity with technology .