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Ms Anna in an interview with the WIE TEAM.

Ms. Anna Radulovski Nov. 2, 2020, 11:44 a.m.

Q1. Have you ever faced gender biases at work and how have you managed to tackle or shun it?

Yes, I have. I believe that everyone has faced gender biases at least once. The funny thing, it came also from women and very often men were my allies. But I thought that I want to show women that there’s another way to work together, collaborate and support each other and that was one of the reasons why  WomenTech Networkwas created.

Q2. How women can wear off the shackles that hold them back from making their contribution in any field?


Surrounding yourself with successful people, who could be your role models and mentors who made an impact in the field you’d like to do your contribution. And believe in yourself and simply trying and not giving up despite the disappointment you might encounter. Who said making a difference is easy ?


Q3. What is your message to all the women trying to leave an impact on technology, entrepreneurship, and various other fields?


Be brave and give it a try. Strive for greatness, dare to risk and not to be “perfect”. And don’t expect to succeed from the first try. Find a partner, a mentor, an ally or join a tribe of like-minded people who will support you during hard times and will celebrate your victories. I know it might look impossible in the beginning and you might feel scared, not good enough, that’s okay. Don’t overthink it and just go for it!