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What is IEEE ?

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering is the world’s largest technical professional organization. It believes in the advancement of technology and has set its sight on the betterment of mankind through it. IEEE NCU align all it's the events in that parameter and fosters a community and aims at betterment of mankind through it's sustainable endeavours

Our Mission

Our mission is to embolden and empower people with immense exposure while helping them strengthen their strong suits and work on their shortcomings.

We aim to impart technical and soft skills to our volunteers by connecting them to leading industry experts and students from across the world, as well as managerial and social skills by engaging them in event techno-management. We wish to help our volunteers augment their interpersonal skills and expand their knowledge pool.

Our Vision

We wish to create an impact on the community by the virtue of disseminating the values imbibed and experiences gained by serving as proud members of this diverse organization.


Frequently Asked Questions

IEEE is an organization for advancing technology for humanity. Apart from being the largest professional society in the world, it is most active in NCU. Headquarters in NY, IEEE provides multiple opportunities to network, collaborate and volunteer in the scope of technology with ideas new and radical.

Work ethics, efficacy and lots of industrial exposure with a chance to traverse into a path of self-discovery. With savants in both technical and management fields, mentorship provided is splendid.Research Groups, Coding Groups, Graphics and Video Editing Groups and Non-Technical groups for Music, Dance and Photography Enthusiasts. Programs like SuperIEEEians, Research Group, and CODE ARTS have a lot of opportunities in the bag.

1. Log into Collabratec.
2. Click on your name in the top right of the screen and select “Member Certificates” from the drop-down menu.
3. From the Member Certificates page, click on the “Download PDF” link to the right for you IEEE Society.
4. Open the PDF and print it.
5. Proudly display in your workplace.

Go to this link. And then click “Create a new petition”. Then choose your details and click on the chapter you want to bring it to your student branch. Kindly note, you must have a membership in that chapter. Then you require 2 endorsements from branch counselor and chapter advisor, 6 signatures from Student Members (get them memberships too) and then wait for approvals from HQ.

Contact the executive community and portray your interest in volunteering for them. Everyone goes through a phase of Catch 22, “to get a job you need required experience, to get an experience you need a job”. Start from the ground by coordinating in events, talking to Student Branch chair and from that build your way up. Apply for volunteering regularly released on all IEEE Social Media handles.

IEEE organizes various sectional, national and international events. Apply for them, initially as a delegate. Opportunities are released regularly on IEEE NCU social media handles. Work as a volunteer, attend technical skill development workshops and contribute your ideas in whatever way you can. This starts from a small point and then in the grand scheme of things, it snowballs and helps you come out in the best version of yourself.

Super IEEEians program aims for the same. Every student enrolled up for the same is guided by an experienced mentor to make you learn about the nitty-gritty of Industry and to empower you so that your application stands out. The aim is to find the opportunities that exist out there and serve as a platform where Super IEEEian can avail it. Contact Priyanshi Kathuria ( for the same.

IEEE Editorial lead welcomes the stalwart of the content writers out there. In order to volunteer for the same contact Ritika Rao ( Call for articles shall be released soon on The IEEE NCU social handles. Keep an eye on it.